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Technology is rapidly transforming the way we communicate and interact with each other, and Chat GPT is on the frontline of this revolution.

Love 'em or Hate 'em 

Chatbots are here to stay...

Today’s Chatbots are Smarter, More Responsive, and More Practical – and we’re likely to see even more of them in the coming years. 

We’ll be exploring why Chatbots have become such a popular marketing technology. 

   1. Giving Prompt Responses
 2. Increasing Engagement
 3. Providing Assistance with Data Analysis
 4. Management of Business Resources
 5. Assisting with Lead Nurturing
 6. Reaching Out to A Larger Audience
 7. Interact with Website Visitors
 8. A Substitute for An Email Newsletter
 9. More Enjoyable to Communications with Your Brand.
 10. Notification of Important Events 

The latest A.I. buzz has been the talk of the town. As a business owner, you might wonder how you can use Chat GPT for your business. 

So if you're eagerly waiting to master it, scroll down to the very end...? 

Imagine having a bot chatting with you, one that answers all your questions, yes, but one that comes with a lot less baggage and overhead.

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Module 1

Module 1 - ChatGPT: An Overview

-What is Chat GPT?
-Understanding of Chat GPT
-How Does it Work?
-Is It Free To Use?

Module 2

Module 2 - The Relationship Between Open AI and ChatGPT

-What is Open A.I?
-Is Chat GPT Launched by Open A.I?

Module 3

Module 3 - 8 Ways To Incorporate ChatGPT into Your Life and Business

-What can be the Creative Ways to Use Chat GPT?

Module 4

Module 4 - The Significance of Chat GPT

-How is it Significant for us?
-How would it be Beneficial for People in Business?

Module 5

Module 5 - Confusion Between ChatGPT & GPT/3

-What is GPT – 3
-Limitations of GPT - 3
-Is Chat GPT and GPT – 3 Same?
-Chat GPT & GPT – 3: Which One is Better?

Module 6

Module 6 - Chat GPT- Clarifying Controversies 

-Is it Officially Launched?
-Why do the Creators Require Feedback so Desperately?
-What is it About “A Chance to Win $500 Credits”?

Module 7

Module 7 - Chat GPT: PROS & CONS

-Advantages of Chat bot in the Digital World
-Disadvantages of Chat bot in the Digital Business World

Module 8

Module 8 - The Future of Chat GPT

-Will Chat GPT Bring Any New Updates?
-What will be the Ideal Role of Chat GPT in Future?

Module 9

Module 9 - The Impact of Chat GPT on the World

-How Would the Software Impact the Digital Business World
-How is Chat GPT Different from Other Chatbots

Module 10

Module 10 - Case Studies Of ChatGPT Usage

-Rapid Miner

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